Damage To School Property Letter Sample

  • By: Ray Martins
  • Date: December 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

The damage to school property letter is mainly written by the principal of the school and it is addressed to the parents or guardians. The letter mainly details the damage that has been caused to a child to school property and measures that have been taken. In extreme cases, the letter could detail that the student has been suspended or expelled from the school or the amount to be paid for the compensation of the school property. Here are three samples that you can use to write a damage to school property letter.

Damage to School Property letter – Sample 1

Dear Parent

Its my sincere hope that this letter finds you well. I am writing this letter to regrettably inform you about James Marks (your son) conduct in school for the last few months and the damage that he caused to the school property on 17th June 2020.

As you know, James has for the last few months been involved in various disciplinary cases as he has bullied other students, and physically assaulted other students. From the previous meeting that we had together with him which you also attended, he promised us that he is now going to be focused on his studies while you also assured us that you are going to closely monitor him and instill in him good manners.

While teachers noted that he changed his conducted and started to socialize well with other students, he recently got back to the bad behaviour as a few students complained of been bullied of him. However, for the last one week, his teachers have noted a change in his attitude to the extent that he would even be disrespectful to the teachers by not doing what he was requested to do.

Yesterday during lunch break, James went and started breaking the window panes of his classroom. Even if there was a guard nearby, by the time the guard was ordering him to stop, James had already broken five window panes. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the cost of repairing those window panes which is at $250. In addition, we are also requesting that you accompany him to school tomorrow so that we can have a meeting and agree on the way forward.

We hope that you are going to cooperate with us so that we can get a permanent solution to the issue. Our goal is to ensure that James grows up to become a responsible person. He has a bright future ahead if given the right guidance.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and discussing the issue with you.

Best Regards

Name of the Head Teacher

Name of the School

Head Teacher’s Telephone number

Damage to School Property letter – Sample 2



Mr. and Mrs. Michael

Re: Your Son Damage To School Property

Dear Parent

I am writing this letter to notify you about your son’s (Brian Scott) damage to the school property. Brian is a student at Junior High School and has been on several occasions been caught red handed damaging the school property. Even though he has been warned by his teachers and by myself on these occasions, it appears as if he never took our warnings to be serious as he has continued to damage the school property.

In the past, Brian has been caught breaking the floor tiles with a small piece of metal that we realized he brought from home. He was warned and ordered to stop doing that. However, he was last week found doing the same week and since it costed the school $700 to repair the damages last time, the school can no longer afford to do the repairs since the funds are not available.

To that effect, we are asking you to come to the school and pay the costs needed to repair the damages caused by your son. Moreover, we also request that you attend a meeting scheduled on 20th May this year where you son’s conduct will be discussed so that a solution can be identified.

Brian is a bright student whose academic capability is definitely impressive. However, if the right discipline is not instilled in him, he will not be able to fulfil his potential in the future. Thus, in order to ensure that we help him achieve his potential, we request that you talk to him and provide the necessary counselling so that he stops his bad behaviour.

I hope you are going to treat this issue with the seriousness it deserves so that we can help Brian before the issue gets out of hand.

Thanks in advance

Lucy Chris


Name of High School

A Letter To Parent/Guardian Informing Him About Damage To School Property – Sample 3


Dear Parents

It is with a lot of disappointment that I am writing this letter to you to inform you about John Mathew’s (Name of Child) inappropriate behavior in school that has resulted to damage to the school’s property.

Even though academic performance of John has been impressive over the years, there have been some concerns on his conduct and for the last few weeks, teachers have noted with concern that his conduct has deteriorated to the extent that he is now causing damage to the school property.

Four months ago, John insulted his class teacher and was disciplined for that. However, he started abusing his fellow students and even threatened to beat some of them. I called him to my office and told him that our school does not have any room for the behaviours he was involved with. He promised me that he would change his behaviours while he was also very apologetic.

However, two days ago, John was found drawing on the freshly painted walls of his classroom. As you are aware, the school has a limited maintenance budget and as such, we do not have another budget for repainting the classroom. Thus, as John’s parent, we demand that you pay $350 which will be used to repaint the walls damaged by John.

We cannot encourage the behavior by John. Thus, we also request that closely monitor him and engaged him with different activities while at home so that you help mold him to become a responsible person. If his behaviour does not change, we feel that we might have no option apart from suspending.

It is our hope that you will cooperate with us and let us change John for better.


Teacher Joan

Principal – Name of School