Dental Welcome Letter Sample

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  • Date: December 23, 2021
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A dental welcome letter is written by the dental practice and sent to people who have newly registered at the dental practice. The main aim of this letter is to welcome people to the dental practice while at the same time also informing them how the dentistry works. By reading the dental welcome letter, it is hoped that patients are going to have full trust with the dental practice and stick with the practice for a long period of time.

Welcome To Our Dental Practice Letter – Sample 1

Dear Patient

Welcome to our dental practice. We are glad you have preferred us for your dental health care. We look forward to serving you and attending to all your dental care needs for you and your family for many years to come. We are grateful for the trust you have on our services, and we endeavor to offer high quality dental care that will surpass your expectations.

Our aim as a dental practice is to become the best dental care in Houston are by offering our patients special attention with the dentist, hygienists, and other members of the team so that we have a strong mutual relationship with our patients. We are committed to embracing latest technologies in the dentistry industry. We achieve that by making sure that we consistently trainings and seminars taking place in different cities around the world and in these trainings, latest technologies and the impact they have on the industry are discussed.

We are patient centered as our team is committed to ensuring that your dentist appointments are going to be enjoyable and pleasurable. We assure you that we will offer you the best dental care that is fully customized according to your needs and desires. To do that, we will first thoroughly examine and diagnose you. You will then be informed about the outcomes so that you are in a better position to make informed decisions about the treatment and procedures to be administered. Our dentists are going to review all your dental needs once you attend the appointment and then offer a treatment advice.

We are also doing our best to make sure that the dental care you receive from our practice will be affordable. Unless there are other financial arrangements in place, it will be your responsibility as a patient to make sure that all payments are paid in time. Before making payments, you will be entitled to a discount that is given to those paying in full before dental care is offered. For patients who might need to finance their dental care, we have partnered with various financial institutions that offer payment plans at different rates. You are free to ask more details about their services in case you need financing for your dental care. For those with dental insurance, we advise that you come with the information when you visit the dental practice. Our promise to you is that we will do our best to make sure that you receive the maximum benefits that you are entitled to. For those planning to use visa and Mastercard, we are glad to let you know that we accept these payment options.

If you have any questions about our dental practice, feel free to ask them to our staff. We are here because of you.

Once again, thanks for choosing our dental practice.

Kind Regards

Wonder Dental Practice

Welcome To Our Dental Office Letter – Sample 2

We sincerely take this opportunity to welcome you to our dental office. We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us and we will endeavor to offer the highest quality of care that will exceed your expectations.

Our dental practice is focused on health centric and preventative dentistry. We take a lot of satisfaction in helping people actively be involved in their personal dental care while also preventing various dental diseases. Moreover, we also focus on appealing, adult restorative treatment purposed for long-term beauty, comfort, function and minimal maintenance.

All our team members are committed to ensuring that your appointments are going to be enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. We are proud of our competence to offer you with the best dental care customized to your specific needs and wishes.

The initial step toward comprehensive oral health is a detailed assessment and diagnosis. We desire our patients to be able to make informed decisions and we achieve that by always ensuring that the patients have a good understanding of the dental problems that they have and the treatment options available to them. Our dentists are going to review all your dental needs during your dental appointments and thereafter offer you treatment consultations. During the consultations, you will be informed about of the diagnosis and the pros and cons of all the treatment options available.

We are eager to meet you! Your first appointment at our dental practice is going to last a maximum of one hour. To ensure that we have a clear picture of your dental health and are in a better position to attend to your personal needs, kindly fill the enclosed dental and medical questionnaire and bring it with you during your first appointment.

We are here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have.


Magical Dental Practice

Dental Welcome Letter Example – 3

Dear New Patient

Welcome to our dental practice! Thanks for allowing us to attend to all your dental care needs. This letter is purposed at making you feel welcome and also to ensure that there will be a smooth transition to our dental practice. We look forward to becoming your dental health care partner.

As you may be aware, our dental practice places a lot of emphasis on prevention. Thus, you can expect your first examination to involve various x-rays, gum disease assessment, and screening for oral cancer. From our past experience, we have realized that diagnosing conditions at an early phase saves our patients time and money. For that reason, we have made it a requirement for all our new patients to be scanned for oral cancer and gum disease.

Kindl fill all the attached forms at bring then with your during your first appointment. We also recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before the appointment so that your data can be entered on our systems and is ready for your appointment with our dentist.

In case you have a medical insurance, make sure that you bring the present insurance as well as a valid photo identification card. Should you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to me. We all look forward to meeting you.

Lastly, let me highlight that our utmost goal is to offer quality care. To offer quality care in our dental practice, we have developed a team of committed doctors, nurses, and other staff who are committed to offer you the best care possible.

Thanks for choosing us.

Your Truly

Michael Brian Scott – DMD

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