Hotel No Show Letter

  • By: Ray Martins
  • Date: December 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Have you booked your hotel and then realized that you are likely to not stay in the hotel for various reasons? For some hotels, they make it clear that they are not going to refund any fees paid after the time allowed to cancel your reservations has lapsed.

However, I have noted that in some cases, if you have a genuine reason why you cannot show up, you could reach out to the hotel manager and ask for a refund. Mainly, the no show letter should be sent via email to the reservations manager. Here is a hotel no show letter template that you can use and see if you will get the refund.

Sample 1

Dear Reservation Manager

It is my sincere hope that this letter finds you fine.

I made a reservation for your esteemed facility under booking number 8546457 and was supposed to stay in the hotel for at three days.

However, one of my relatives fell sick and was requested to take care of him for the next two months. In that view, I will not be in a position to stay at your hotel the dates that I had booked.

I am therefore humbly requesting that you cancel my reservations and refund the payments made. If that is not possible, I would greatly appreciate if you could give me the option to change the dates since once my relative gets well, I still intend to visit the city and stay at your hotel.

I remain looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

William Mathew

Sample 2

Dear Manager

I am writing to request cancellation for my booking number 7466985. I was supposed to be staying in your hotel in the coming weekend but due to unavoidable circumstances, I cannot be able to come to your hotel.

As you are aware, Covid-19 has had devastating impacts throughout the world and with the Omicron variant now spreading to various countries, I am convinced that the right thing for me is to cancel my trip and reschedule it for a later date.

I am therefore requesting that my booking cancelled and refunds processed through my PayPal account. My booking reference number is 89576.

Many thanks in advance.

Anne Mathew

Sample 3

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to request cancellation and refund for the fees paid under booking number 5697841.

The seminar that I was supposed to attend has been cancelled and will therefore not be making the trip. If it not possible to offer the refund, I would appreciate if you can give me the option to change the dates as I still plan to stay in your hotel sometime in the future.


James Beattie  

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