Letter Of Recommendation For Nursing School

  • By: Ray Martins
  • Date: December 17, 2021
  • Time to read: 8 min.

In order to join nursing school and pursue nursing, you will be required to submit letters of recommendation from people that know you. The letter of recommendation could be from your past or present employer, your lecturer, your colleague, or even a member of the community that knows you well. In this post, we have featured 5 samples of letter of recommendation for nursing school. You can use these samples to write a convincing recommendation letter.

The recommendation letter should highlight various characteristics of the applicant that makes him or her the best choice for the nursing program.

Letter Of Recommendation For Nursing School From Coworker

Name of the recommender

Address of the recommender

The Admission Committee

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University Address

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing this recommendation at the request of [Colleague’s Name] who is applying for a Nursing program in your esteemed university. I have known [ Colleague’s Name ] for [Number of years] years as we met at [Name of the Organization] where we have both been working as [Title that you and the colleague have] for the last since then.

During the time that I worked with [xxxxx], she has distinguished herself as an exceptional individual. [xxxx] has always been passionate about what is expected from her and due to that, she has had strong positive connections with the clients as well as the other staff. [xxxxx] is a cooperative individual who executes her duties diligently. She is a remarkably reliable person and handles responsibilities well. She is flexible, professional and is always ready and eager to learn new things. I believe that her impressive academic ability, positive attitude, past experiences and a passionate commitment to advance her knowledge makes her an asset in your learning institution.

For the time that I have known [xxxxx], she has managed the ‘impossible’ and delivered within very tight deadlines. Her deep sense of responsibility to her tasks has always been expressed in a level of commitment I have rarely seen. As an effective delegator, [xxxxx] trusts the team she assembles, and they have tremendous faith in her as a fair and effective leader. For the time that I interacted with her, I have truly been impressed with her dedication to succeed in any endeavor that she gets involved in.

[xxxxx] well-founded desire to further her studies in Nursing stems from her academic interest and passion to serve. She has the necessary qualities and this program will hone her skills and enhance her future career prospects. She is very bright and always demonstrates an eagerness to learn. She is a quick learner with the ability to grasp general principles as well as subtle details. To sum it up, I highly recommend xxxxxx and hope that you will positively consider her application. Please do not hesitate to call me on the numbers provided below in case you need any clarifications about this recommendation or want to ask anything else about xxxxx.


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Letter Of Recommendation For Nursing School From A Friend

The Admission Committee, Drexel university

Friday, December 17, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Irene White application to enroll in your University and pursue MSN in Nursing. Irene and I have known each other since October 2017 for many years as we are close friends after working for more than two years at Name of Company where I was her supervisor at the time she worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I can attest that she is a natural to be awarded admission. She is a brilliant lady with a lot of potential as she has achieved remarkable personal growth in all the years that I have known her.

Taking into consideration Irene’s qualifications and experience over the years, she is a natural to be admitted to the program. Irene is a cautious and imaginative thinker with an eye for detail and a commitment to logic, which serves her well both in healthcare settings as well as outside healthcare settings. She possesses terrific competence to draw on her experience and observations to advance thoughtful views on different healthcare issues. She has always been aware that she wanted to advance her studies as she has persistently expressed that desire to those that are close to her.

Irene has outstanding communication skills. She has exhibited her oral eloquence when interacting with patients and work colleagues in different settings. As far as her academic competence is concerned, it can be categorized as been first-rate. Indeed, she has constantly exhibited remarkable thinking aptitudes and intellectual inquisitiveness that is above that of her fellow colleagues. She has a strong background in all related academic areas, and due to her drive and determination, I am certain that she has what it takes to excel in the program once admitted.

Irene intelligence is such that it asks for further study. She plans to attain an MSN in Nursing in the next one year, after which I expect her to have a successful career in [The field you plan to work in]. Your esteemed program will benefit her by not only training her but by also challenging her to become a world-class [Specific job you want to work in the future]. I thus recommend her without any reservations for admission to your incoming class. If you need any further information about this recommendation or Irene, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Recommender’s Name


Organization where the recommender works

Letter of Recommendation For Nursing School From Lecturer

Name of the recommender

Recommenders Address

The Admission Committee

Address of the University

Friday, December 17, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,


It is my privilege and pleasure to recommend Mr. James White for admission to [Specific program you are applying] at [Name of the University]. I have known him since year [Year when the recommender knew you] as I was his research mentor when he did her summer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2013. Though many individuals ask me to write similar recommendations, I only recommend individuals whom I feel are well-suited for the program they are applying for.  Mr. James is one of these individuals hence the reason I highly recommend his admission.

During the time that I have known Mr. James, he has time and again proved to be an outstanding individual. He was open to the multifaceted challenges that were presented in the research project and took initiative to participate in further discussions during the course of the research. He is tremendously meticulous and justly insightful hence the reason he has proven to be an exceptional and outstanding researcher. Specifically, in his summer research, Mr. James used different techniques such as; Cell Culture, Western Blotting, MTT, and Flow Cytometry and earned valuable experience in preparing and maintaining various cancer cell lines. Moreover, Mr. James collected and analyzed data on different anticancer compounds-six different analogs of OSW-1, where he found that the compounds with high effectiveness at lower dose have fewer side effects or less harness to normal human cells.

As far as his academic competence is concerned, it can be categorized as been first-rate. He has constantly exhibited remarkable thinking aptitudes and intellectual inquisitiveness that surpasses that of his fellow students. He was always active in research work and was always ready to ask questions when need be. In particular, in view of his application to the nursing program, Mr. James has a strong background in all related academic areas, and his academic achievements ranked him firmly in the top five of my class. Thus, due to his drive and determination, I am certain that Mr. James , has what it takes to emerge top of the class when admitted to the program. He has exhibited his competence by easily understanding various biostatistics concepts and technique while other students have found it challenging.

Mr. James is impressively hard-working, well organized, and responsible, and his work consistently demonstrates excellent research and analytic skills. He demonstrates the ability to work independently with great creativity and enthusiasm. He is pro-active in pursuing useful lines of research and always eager to pursue new knowledge and challenges. He enjoys exploring a wide range of research issues, and approaches them with an open mind, searching understanding. I am always impressed with his attention to detail, ability to think outside the box and exceptional research skills. He displays expertise, high level of motivation and weightiness of purpose that I have seldom come across during my general interactions with research students. I was always impressed by his unusually articulate, engaging and perceptive class discussions as well as the devoted way with which she undertook her work. He always challenged her colleagues by raising serious and challenging issues that push the dialogue to a more reflective and perceptive level.   From the initial planning, literature reviews, and collecting and analyzing data, Mr. James has been involved in numerous research projects.

From a personal perspective, Mr. James is a well-disciplined, diligent individual with a good personality. He goes beyond the course necessities in volume and quality of her work, putting in extra efforts and energy every week. Throughout the semester, Mr. James put in great work into integrating it to his own experience and developing his own ideas about each topic that we learned. I momentously encouraged her to pursue his dreams, and was strongly convinced that he is destined to attain extraordinary success and get to a point where he can realize the true value of both his life and career. I am without a doubt that he will surely acquit himself wonderfully and make his own contributions in this field with her thorough attitude in [areas where your interest lies] and his persevering and enterprising spirit.

Mr. James potential to succeed in the field of [specific field you are applying to] exceeds mere academic prowess. He possesses a remarkable enthusiasm and passion. His well-founded desire pursuing this program stems from his academic talent and passion. This desire has been cemented by his solid academic background and first-hand work experience. His professionalism and compassion are exceptional, and his people and technical skills always earned him recognition. In addition, his proactive approach has seen him participate and contribute his immense knowledge and time in numerous projects. Mr. James has other different qualities which definitely makes him an outstanding student. He is very well organized, approaches research projects in a methodical manner, and manages his time successfully. Over the years that I have known him, I am glad to witness his progress. He is the kind of person who constantly strives for excellence hence the reasons I strongly believe he will go far with his abilities and potential.

I expect James to be able to respond to the challenges of the program with a dedicated commitment to brilliance, and I am convinced that his intellect is competent of managing even the most challenging courses undertaken. James refuses to be intimidated by challenging coursework since when faced with challenging issues, he simply dedicates himself and pursues further elucidation until he has a strong understanding.

Without a doubt, Mr. James is a natural to be offered admission for the program. I believe he is destined for success, and therefore is an excellent choice for the program. I highly recommend that you consider his application. This is an outstanding young man with exceptional skills, very good interpersonal skills, and wonderful work ethic. I am sure he will benefit from your program and represent the university well through his work.

Should you have any questions regarding this reference letter or Mr. James , please feel free to contact me through [recommender’s phone number].


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Name of the recommender

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