Sample Letter Of Apology For Stealing – 3 Samples

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  • Date: February 14, 2022
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At times, you find yourself in situations where you cannot even explain how you ended up in that situation. For example, you might have gone to the supermarket only to unknowingly leave the supermarket without paying for items that you picked up from the supermarket shelves.

After the security guards have stopped you on your way to the parking lot, you are accused of shoplifting and asked to make an apology in writing failure to which you will be sued.

From a different perspective, you could have knowingly stolen from the supermarket, your boss, or even your relatives. However, upon reflection on what you really did, you realize that what you did was not right and you seek forgiveness from the person that you had stolen from.

In order for your letter of apology for stealing to be able to convince the person you stole from to forgive you; you need to make sure that the letter has the following features:

Accept that you stole

Without accepting that you did something wrong, it is impossible for you to be forgiven. Thus, you need to make sure that your apology letter for stealing points out that you indeed stole. Specify what you stole.

Indicate that you accept what you did was wrong

Once you have accepted that you stole, you then need to specify that after reflecting on your actions, you got to understand that what you did was totally wrong and unacceptable. Even if you might have thought that it was justified to steal at the time when you stole, state that you now regret stealing.

Assure that you will not steal again

In the letter, give assurances that you will never steal again. You can even give an action plan that you have already put in place in order to make sure that you will never steal again. For example, you can state that you resolved to always think before acting.

Ask for forgiveness

Ask the person the letter is addressed to for forgiveness. Also, reiterate that you regret stealing and that you will never steal again. You can also point that this was a one-off event that you are sure it will never happen again.

Sample 1: Letter Of Apology For Stealing From Supermarket

Dear Manager

I am writing to humbly apologize for the shoplifting incident that happened on 10th June 2020 at your supermarket. After reflecting on the issue, I regret shoplifting items from the supermarket since I would also never like someone to steal from me.

I am aware that I can be sued in a court of law and if found guilty, fined, or sentenced to fail. I however appeal to you that you forgive me and I will never be involved in any shoplifting incidence again. Indeed, if found shoplifting in your shop again, you should immediately take me to the nearest police station.

To ensure that I will never steal again, I have already joined a local church and become a believer. I am now living a purpose-driven life and according to my belief, stealing is a sin.

It is my sincere hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive me. Am ready for any punishment you might consider right for my wrongdoing. Am even ready to volunteer to work at the supermarket for a week to pay for my wrongful actions.

I remain hoping for a positive reply from you.


Jane McCom

Sample 2 : Letter Of Apology For Stealing From Employer

Dear Ms. Anne

I hereby express my apology for stealing $500 from the accountant’s desk last week. I am aware that my dishonest actions surprised you as you had trusted me with everything at the company. I regret my action and hope that you will accept my apology and forgive me.

After taking some time and reflecting on what really happened, I got to understand that my action of stealing $500 from the company is totally unacceptable. I feel ashamed about my misconduct, and I am fully aware that this can even result in my dismissal while legal action has been taken.

I have $500 with me and am ready to return the money immediately. I accept any disciplinary action that could be taken. However, consider the fact that I have worked in the company for more than a decade and I have never been involved in any misconduct cases in the past.

I assure you that such an incident will never happen again. I remain hoping to hear a positive reply from you.


James McCain

Sample 3: Letter Of Apology For Stealing From A Relative

Dear Susan

I am sorry for the dishonest act of stealing your laptop after you left your door unlocked. The laptop has made me feel bad and ashamed as I would also not want to be a theft victim.

The act of stealing whether something valuable or invaluable cannot be excused in any way. I accept that my moral judgment and thinking lapsed while I also betrayed my ethical beliefs that I have held on tightly for years. Though an embarrassing experience, I have learned a lot from it.

I acknowledge that stealing is not right and what unfolded on 28th June 2021 at your house has made me understand that consequences are not in any way worth the dishonest gain.

Once again, I am sorry for my conduct. I have already returned the laptop and I sincerely hope that you will accept my apology. If you want to discuss anything about the incident, feel free to contact me through my phone.



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