Sample Letter Requesting Speed Bumps

  • By: Ray Martins
  • Date: December 17, 2021
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Are you concerned that vehicles are speeding in your neighborhood and they could cause accidents? Or you have already witnessed a number of accidents happening in your neighborhood and you are now convinced that the only way to address the issue is by having a speed bump erected? You might even be wondering; how do I write a petition for speed bumps? Here we have a sample that you can use to write a letter requesting a speed bump.

How To Request Speed Bumps on Your Street

You will need to contact your local authority and petition to them erection of a speed bump. Since, you cannot just walk in to the local authority offices and make your request, you will need to write a convincing letter that will justify the need for a bump in your neighborhood.

Here is a sample of the letter that is likely to get your request for a speed bump approved.


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10 May 2020

Dear Sir

Re: Request for Speed Bumps on My Street – Parklands Avenue

I am writing on behalf of the residents of Parklands Avenue which is located in Paisley area to request speed bumps on the street. As you might be aware, the street is highly populated and yet it has a road that connects to the main freeway.

For the last two years, the residents of Parklands Avenue have noted with concern the increased speed at which vehicles are passing on the street. Indeed, there have been more the ten near misses’ accident that could have been fatal while one of the elderly people in the area was also knocked down by a speeding vehicle which did not even bother to stop.

To address the issue, the members of the community have held two peaceful demonstrations that have demanded safety driving practices from motorist using the roads. Moreover, during the community open day, members of the community were also emphasized on the need to drive at low speeds when on the streets. However, we have come to realize that majority of the speeding vehicles do not belong to the members of the community as they mainly belong to drivers using the road during the peak time to avoid traffic jams on other main roads.

To fix the issue and prevent loss of life as well as injuries that may emanate from accidents that are likely to happen, members of the community have come to an agreement that if three speed bumps were to be erected, the issue would be solved. Moreover, we also enlisted the services of an independent urban planned and he was also of the view that bumps would effectively address the issue.

It is in that context that I humbly request for speed bumps on our street. I have attached the petition signed by more than 200 people from the community.

It is my sincere hope that our request will be positively considered by your office.

Kind Regards

Emma Marcus

On Behalf of Parklands Avenue Members

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