Therapist Goodbye Letter To Client Sample

  • By: Ray Martins
  • Date: December 17, 2021
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When therapy with a client comes to an end (after the client has healed), therapists might want to write letter to their clients. In the letter, therapists can reflect on the sessions that they had with the clients and also the gains made. Moreover, the letter could also feature some recommendations to the client on how to cope with life. Here is a sample of a letter where therapist is saying goodbye to the client.

Here is a sample goodbye letter from therapist

Dear Client

Its now time to end your therapy. I have really enjoyed working with you and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for having confidence in my service and agreeing to work with me for the last six months (180 days). Your bravery, determination and dedication have been satisfying to the extent that I can confide that it has been a great joy and privilege to work with you. In this letter, I reflect on what you have achieved as you have successfully detached yourself from the past where you felt no need to live and got involved in bad behaviours that made you depressed and feel useless.

During the therapy sessions, our emphasis has been to ensure that you came to a point of understanding depression and nervousness in your life since from that understanding, it would then be easy for you to find a way to manage stress as well as any expectations that you set for yourself. I was happy that you could trace the roots of unhelpful habits back to your beliefs and feeling and from that point, addressing the issue became easy and achievable. Indeed, even if you never thought that you could regain your self-esteem, I was impressed that you regained your confidence and you are now destined for greatness.

In order to ensure that you understood your past and how you struggled with life, we reviewed your past life. Your identifying of various unhelpful patterns in your early life such as putting the needs of others ahead of yours to the extent that you were ready to please others at your expense made us conclude that your life was full of undesired encounters of loss, rebuke, loneliness, and skepticism where you felt that you couldn’t do anything on your own. Indeed, your early life experiences fashioned your mind in a way that it felt there was no need to exhibit any feelings or emotions since if you did that, you would end up been punished. In short, you were made to believe that in order to have peace within yourself, you could not complain about anything or even share anything with others. Nevertheless, that made you lonely and desperate and as you became an adult, those experiences have had an impact on how you manage your stress. Indeed, we looked at how you have been putting a lot of pressure on yourself and how the feeling that you were not able to deal with many issues have been a major contributor to your hopelessness, restlessness, and depression.

It is however important to note that by acknowledging those issues as they took place in your life has made it possible for you to wonder whether you are doing the best thing in life and this has eventually made you start looking things differently. In the sessions, we have paid specific attention to on how you end up blaming yourself in most situation which has resulted to you been lonely and feeling rejected. The same was also evident in the first two weeks of counselling as you used to disapprove and dismiss your efforts – in most of the sessions, you always used to say that, ‘I didn’t do a lot this week’. However, that is now gone as you are now in a better position to cope with various life stressing situations while you are also more loving to yourself, and also dedicated to achieving any set goals despite the challenges you will face. In that perspective, you definitely managed to achieve a lot and you are now in a better position to live a purposeful life.

For the last few months, you have made many changes and it is clear that you are now destined for greatness. Among others, you can now be able to reject any requests that you believe will not have a good impact to your life whole you can also go out and drive on your own. There is evidence to show that you have a new sense of confidence in you and that you are enjoying life. I have to commend you on that and encourage you to go on and pursue your goals.

You have made amazing progress since you no longer accept anything that you believe is likely to drag you back to where you were before counselling. I was touched by how you managed negative thoughts around you since when many people said that you could not do anything, you picked up yourself at your lowest and managed to face and encounter the negative thoughts directed at you. Indeed, while you would have been put down by such thoughts in the past, you accepted the challenged and triumphed in showing those that were nay-sayer that you are a changed person. When you fell sick, I liked that you took your time to rest and recover clearly proving that you had self-love which you didn’t have in the past.

You are no longer worried by things that used to worry you in the past. This shows that you have a new sense of security and trust in your life. As such, you can now enjoy life while at the same time pursuing your life goals. By taking note of what your have achieved and what you are pursuing, you have got a clear picture of where your life is headed to. The fact that you likened the therapy as wearing a new clothe is a clear indication that therapy sessions have been beneficial to you as they have changed your view of life.

Your husband has already purchased a new car and I know that you have had enjoyed evening drives together. You are considering volunteering at your local hospice as you wait to be admitted back to the nursing school. I have loved every minute that I have spent with you and will surely miss our sessions. I am confident that you will put into practice all that we have learnt and can’t wait to see you on the follow up session within two months.

In case you have any issue or questions that you believe I can help you with, please feel me to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards

Loise Jane

Family Psychiatrist

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