How To Write Field Trip Letter To Parents –  3 Samples.

  • By: Ray Martins
  • Date: January 14, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Once in a while, students are required to go for field trip so that they can see firsthand, the different theories and concepts that they study in the classroom. However, before the children can go for the field trip, the school has to obtain consent from the parents. Thus, the school has to write a letter to the parents or guardians requesting them to consent that their children take part in the field trip.

In order to write a good field trip letter to the parents, it is important that the letter details the specific location that the children will visit, what they intend to see and learn, and any necessary preparations that need to be made by the parents in order to ensure that the field trip will be a success.

The introduction of the letter should be precise. Specifically, it should brief the parent on the actual date when the field trip is supposed to take place, the time that the school bus will be leaving, and when the bus is expected to arrive back from the trip.

How Do You Write No Objection Letter From Parents To Allow A Child To Travel?

If you have received a field trip letter from school informing you that your child is expected to go for a field trip, you will be required to write a no objection letter that will show you agree your child to take part in the trip. Here is a simple format you can use to indicate that you have agreed your child takes part in the field trip.

I have no objection to my child taking part in the field trip scheduled to take place on 15th January 2022.

Sign and Date

Mary’s parents.

Sample 1 : Field Trip Letter To Parent

Dear Parent / Guardian

The fifth grade are scheduled to go for a field trip to the animal park in Texas on 23rd January 2022. In this trip, the children are going to see different wild animals that they have studied in the classroom. The school bus will leave at exactly 9.00 am and return about 2.00 pm. It is crucial that your child is not late for school on that date so that he/she does not miss the trip.

The field is paid for by the school. I however, require that you ensure you have consented and returned this letter by 16th January 2022 so that we can have the names of the children going for the trip registered with the animal park. You are requested to pack snacks for your child so that he/she can enjoy the snacks on the bus.

This is a unique opportunity that shouldn’t be missed as the children will get a chance to see many wild animals that they have only seen on TV. The children should be dressed as they normally dress when coming to school on normal days.

It is my hope that you are going to consent your child takes part in the trip. In case you have any questions or concerns regarding the planned field trip, feel free to contact me any time.

Your Sincerely

Fifth Grade Sciences Studies Coordinator

Teacher Anne


Parent Trip Consent Slip

I _________________________ consent my child _______________________ attends the planned field trip on 23rd January 2022.


Sign and Date 


Sample 2 : Field Trip Letter To Parent

Dear Parents

The school has planned for your child to go on a science field trip with the science club. The trip is a unique opportunity for your child to gain hands-on experience on different environmental issues such as how human activities have contributed to degradation of the environment.  The field trip might include a walk of about one mile in the forest, and in the farm. We are certain that this trip will be informative and beneficial to learning of your child.

In order to make sure that your child has unforgettable experience, we seek your assistance in the following:

  • Make sure that your child wears ideal shoes – no sandals. Hiking or sports shoes are the best.
  • Dress your child well. Layers are ideal so that they can be removed as needed.
  • Let us know about any underlying health conditions such as allergy and medication.

Thanks for doing your best in ensuring that your child has a positive learning experience. For any queries or questions, feel free to contact me.


Emma Watson

School Events Coordinator


Sample 3 : Information Letter To Parent About Planned Field Trip

Dear Parent / Guardian

I am writing to inform you that your child who is a 6th Grader has an opportunity to visit Texas for a curriculum trip. We are all thrilled about this opportunity and it’s our hope that you are also thrilled.  The luxury coach is planned to leave school on Wednesday 8th June 2021 at 5pm. We come back to school at 9:00am on Monday, 12Th June. The total cost for the trip is $550 and it incorporates all costs to be incurred by the students.

Students are expected to be in school-appropriate dressing during the entire trip. When parking clothes for your sons and daughters, take into consideration the fact that the trip will happen during summer season. We will try our best to advise students prior to leaving about the forecasted temperatures.

We request that you sign the attached student consent slip and return it before 30th April 2021. After that, we are not going to accept any other reservations. We also request that you pay the fee of $500 before 30th April so that we can be able make all the necessary arrangements.

I hereby conform that I have consented my child to go to the Texas trip taking place from June 8 to June 12 2021.

Name of student: ____________________________________________

Name of the Parent :_________________________________________